Praey the Movie

Available On DVD

Screened May, 2005 New York
A Tiffany Sinclair Film
Sara cleaned up her dark life of sin and drugs to find a wonderful husband and a happy home with their daughter.  Until long after bedtime her daughter disappears at the hands of a mysterious stranger.  Now Sara’s back on the streets doing the only thing she knows to survive. One fateful night she is called upon by Baker, a peculiar character who changes the rules of engagement mid-game. Instead of having a harrowing night with one man, she ends up in the fight of her life. Baker delivers her to Charles, an educated and refined gentleman who is a world-class big-game hunter. One who has decided to rid the world of evil one prostitute at a time and Sara’s his next target.  After a little obligatory fun, he throws her into the woods, promising her that if she can escape then she can live.  But, he has no intention of letting her go.

Charles and Sara soon discover that they are not alone in the woods. What follows is a supernatural game of cat-and-mouse.  The brutal chase gives way to the truth about Sara's daughter. The hunter becomes the hunted as Sara exacts bloody revenge against the man who stole her life away from her. One question remains. Who steps further over the line between good and evil?